More Arctic BS From Tony Heller

Please forgive my mixing of metaphors this morning, but the interminable stream of piss poor propaganda from Tony Heller grows ever more voluminous. Not only has he reprised his “DMIGate” nonsense but he is also posting pictures of the wrong bit of the Arctic yet again. Exhibit A:

DMI shows Arctic sea ice extent well below last year, and near a record low.


In fact, there is more ice than last year, and it likely that 2016 will end considerably higher than last year. This is because the big red spot (below) in the Beaufort Sea disappeared in a storm during the second week of August last year.


The forecast is for very cold air over the Beaufort Sea the next two weeks, so it is unlikely that a lot of melting is going to occur there. This is shaping up to be a disastrous year for Arctic alarmists, and it will be interesting to see how the graphs progress, and if and when they catch up with reality.

DMI aren’t the only ones that “show Arctic sea ice extent well below last year”:


and Tony still wouldn’t recognise a higher resolution coastal mask if it bit him in the backside.

Moving on to Exhibit B, Tony still has it in for the valiant Polar Ocean Challenge team in brave little Northabout, who he claims are “Not Going Anywhere“:

The clouds over the Northeast Passage have finally cleared, and you can now see what our intrepid explorers are up against. Hundreds of miles of solid pack ice.


I pointed out the error of his ways to him yesterday, but for some strange reason Tony is still posting pictures of the wrong place. Here is an overview of the actual facts, as assessed by AMSR2:


7 thoughts on “More Arctic BS From Tony Heller

  1. Heller has removed the post from his blog’s front page and timeline but it is still available if linked to directly. The silly conspiracy theorist apparently didn’t see the irony in disappearing down the memory hole a post titled Not Going Anywhere.

  2. The ice making section in my freezer is pretty well jam packed full of ice.

    Will that also impede Northabout’s progress?

  3. That would be a cold snap then?

    (We could do with one of them, especially if there was a bit of the wet stuff falling out of the sky as well, couldn’t we?)

  4. Reggie – The post in question has now been fully flushed from sight:

    Bill – The garden wouldn’t say no to some of the wet stuff. Personally I’m waiting for an onshore swell accompanied by offshore winds on the north coast:

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