Summer 2018 – IMB Buoys

Whilst it certainly isn’t summer in the Arctic yet it doesn’t sound like there’ll be any more data available from the ice mass balance buoys deployed there until then. Here’s an extract from an email I’ve just received from Don Perovich:

We developed the next generation of our seasonal ice mass balance buoy and are deploying them. The new buoys have a number of improvements including a customized controller board. They also have a new format for the datastream, which means rewriting our data processing software. The plan is to finish the software revisions by June, so that the web site automatically gets updated.

We do have some deployment plans for this year.

1. Beaufort Sea – deployed last week.

2. Just north of Prudhoe Bay – deployed on Monday

3. Two deployed in Beaufort Sea in conjunction with WARM buoy – to be deployed later this week.

4. Three in Eastern Arctic – to be deployed in September

5. Two in Beaufort Sea – to be deployed in September.

Expect more here once the process of “rewriting our data processing software” that Don mentions has happened!