Northern Sea Route

A selection of graphs, images and videos from the Northern Sea Route.


Here’s the official long term forecast for June-August 2016 as of March 23rd 2016:



Here’s the official long term forecast for June-August 2015 as of March 23rd 2015:


Here’s the current list of vessels ready and waiting to voyage along the NSR:

On July 19th 2016 there were 463 entries.

On July 17th 2015 there were 477 entries.


Here’s the report on transit statistics for the NSR in 2015. Here’s the 2014 version, and here’s the accompanying video:


Here are some animations of sea ice movement along the NSR from 2012 to date:


See also our Arctic sea ice graphs overview page, our Arctic ice mass balance buoys overview page, our Arctic sea ice images page and our Arctic sea ice videos page.

Constructive technical criticism is welcome on the introductory blog post. For discussions about interpreting the information please comment on the “About Our Arctic Sea Ice Resources” page.

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