Tony Heller’s Faithful Flock of Sheep

My Arctic alter ego was checking out the new “X” rated edition of Twitter when “she” couldn’t help but notice that Elon Musk had allowed Tony Heller back into the climate “debate” thereon, albeit with a new handle.

“Snow White” also noticed that for some strange reason Tony was telling lots of porky pies about Arctic sea ice again! Hence:


“No answer!” has been Tony’s stern reply to “Snow’s” high albedo gauntlet so far.

By way of a X rated experiment, “Snow” would very much appreciate as many “likes”, “reXeets” and comments as humanly possible on the latest incarnation of Elon’s fever dream.

In addition “Snow” would love to know if any of “her” faithful reader(s) is an expert on how to successfully buy a “bot” a “blue tick”?

[Edit – July 29th]

This morning’s “Shock News!” from XTwitter will come as no surprise to our regular reader(s):

[Edit – August 1st]

The significance of this may not yet be apparent to “Snow White’s” regular reader(s), but take a good long look at this extract from Mr. James O’Brien’s show on LBC yesterday:

Should I tell you this?

I sometimes look at this stuff and think “Am I the one that’s gone bonkers?”

Because it’s the same people!

They’ve sold you this nonsense, and now they’re turning their attention, having broken a country, they now want to essentially turn their nefarious intentions to an entire planet!

[Edit – August 15th]

Here’s an XTwitter thread that’s built up over the last couple of days, revealing in graphic detail all the ways in which Tony Heller has recently misrepresented what’s really going on in the Arctic:

[Edit – August 18th]

Tony has moved on from DMI summer temperatures at the North Pole, in order to concentrate his Arctic attention on the Petermann Glacier tongue:

Perhaps that’s because the “North Pole” is currently experiencing an “Indian summer”?

Perhaps Tony and his flock of faithful followers should read this recent NASA article?

Retreat at Petermann Glacier

Petermann Glacier is one of Greenland’s largest marine-terminating glaciers. Like most glaciers that discharge ice into the ocean, Petermann periodically sheds large icebergs. But contact with the sea also means warming waters have been melting the glacier’s ice from below, with implications for sea level rise…

Petermann is generally thinning, retreating, and its flow is accelerating. The acceleration stretches and thins the glacier, which makes it more prone to fractures, or rifts, that can break and form an iceberg…

Rifting and periodic iceberg calving are normal parts of an outlet glacier’s life cycle, even in northwest Greenland.

[Edit – August 28th]

“Steve”/Tony will no doubt be eager to inform his (currently) 57,700 followers on XTwitter that his extent metric du jour earlier this month is now down to 5th lowest for the date in the satellite record:

[Edit – September 2nd]

“Steve”/Tony has been proudly displaying his profound ignorance of satellite sea ice detection technology:

[Edit – September 11th]

“Steve”/Tony has confidently called the minimum of his extent metric du jour. Since all the other extent metrics are still decreasing he is almost certainly mistaken:

More of Mr. Heller’s antics, in concert with several others amongst the “usual suspects”, can be seen at:

The Information War with the Fossil Fuel Industry

11 thoughts on “Tony Heller’s Faithful Flock of Sheep

  1. I see that you elected to remove 2023 from Tony’s graphic, which clearly does show that Arctic sea ice extent is higher in 2023 than 2005.
    And you accuse someone else of being selective?

    1. Welcome Peter,

      However I haven’t “elected” to remove anything from any graphic. If I understand what you’re referring to, that’s just how the WordPress blog software used here at GWC chooses to display the Twitter post I linked to on your device.

      Just click on the image to see Tony’s original post and image on Twitter or “X” or whatever it’s called today.

      Now, do you have any other questions?

  2. I wonder how a similar graph showing sea ice Area would look… It’s lower than all but the worst summers for the sea ice, it’s just unusually dispersed( which I don’t think is a good thing) around the Laptev and Pacific seas

  3. It’s now 21:15 BST.

    Here are screenshots of Tony’s Twitter stats. Twats for short?

    Plus especially for Peter:

    For some strange reason he has still not responded to Snow White’s helpful hints.

    1. Hi Jim: I’m aware of “potholer” having a long debate via youtube with “Tony Heller.” What is Tony doing to contrive this disinfo data? Is he making these graphs himself? thanks, drew

  4. There has still been no “stern reply” from Tony on XTwitter this morning (UTC),

    However he has doubled down on his “freezing cold North Pole” nonsense. Hence:

    What’s more my Arctic alter ego has a new feather in “her” (faux!) sealskin cap. “She” has been followed by Steve Milloy.

  5. Toto’s porky pie production line has been put into overdrive over the weekend:

  6. Toto’s porky pies are being regurgitated at an ever increasing rate of knots:

    For a lengthier rebuttal see:

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