Jim Steele and Anthony Watts Embrace Bad Arctic Science

Maintaining my New Year’s resolution to expose bad Arctic pseudo-science on (a)social media I stumbled upon this from the self confessed “skeptic” Jim Steele on XTwitter. Jim’s paid Elmo for a blue tick and is rather verbose, but these extracts will give you the flavour of his ramblings:

How Bogus Arctic Warming Attribution Enabled the Climate Crisis Scam

Abnormal warming over the Arctic Ocean and Arctic sea ice loss has been falsely blamed on rising CO2 and evidence of the climate crisis. Such alarmist graphic propaganda is common, like Yale 360’s emphasizing the Arctic Ocean’s warming of several degrees in November 2022, while ignoring the cooling over North America and Eurasia. But any critical thinking person can see warm Arctic temperatures are due to inflows of warm Atlantic water, NOT rising CO2…

The 1990s shift in wind directions caused by the natural Arctic Oscillation, drove out much of the Arctic’s thick multi-year sea ice which resulted in thinner annual sea ice which allowed more heat to ventilate and warm the Arctic (see peer-reviewed Rigor (2002) & (2004)). As the natural Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation shifts to more northern hemisphere cooling, a decrease in the flow of warming tropical Atlantic water entering the Arctic, a rebound in insulating Arctic sea ice will occur that will simultaneously decrease Arctic temperatures.

People who understand these natural climate dynamics that affect the Arctic, always and quickly understand the bogus global warming crisis is driven by natural Arctic warming oscillations.

Needless to say my critical thinking Arctic alter ego felt an urgent need to quibble with Jim’s (almost) unevidenced assertions.

As is often the case with such skeptical “arguments”, the ancient academic articles quoted don’t actually support the conclusions. “Snow White” attempted to raise the matter with Jim:

However as you can see, thus far “she” has been ignored. Which is no way to treat a lady!

No doubt you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that Jim’s piece of purple prose had recently been reprinted at Watts Up With That:

“Snow” sought an answer to her scientific enquiry over there too:

As you can see, thus far “she” has been ignored.

It is also evident that neither Jim nor Anthony are capable of reading dates backwards. The Climate Reanalyzer Arctic temperature anomaly map proudly displayed on Jim’s XTwitter feed and on WUWT is clearly labelled November 21st 2020:

[Update – January 23rd]

Jim is being unkind to poor Snow White, both at WUWT:

and on XTwitter:

He still hasn’t answered any of “her” scientific questions, including this recent one:


[Update – January 25th]

Jim is ignoring Snow on XTwitter, and doubling down on the sticks and stones at WUWT:

Snow has suffered nary a scratch:

Afternoon Jim (UTC)

So all you have to offer on the subject is more sticks’n’stones, plus some frantic hand waving for good measure? And apparent ignorance of the science!

Let’s see if attaching images works here?

Failing that try:


Any comment?


Watch this space!

3 thoughts on “Jim Steele and Anthony Watts Embrace Bad Arctic Science

    1. how to read dates backwards. hahahaha. Their claims are so squirmy. There’s almost 500 EXTA Zettajoules of heat accumulated in the oceans since 1995, as Jim Massa, Ph.D. oceanographer details (on his youtube “science talks” channel) – yet the warm oceans currents are simply just a “natural” oscillation that will switch over to cooling the arctic again? How inconvenient is that truth? hahahaha

      1. They can’t read them forwards either, since the Reanalyzer helpfully displays both formats.

        Unusually for a “skeptic”, Jim does get some of the science right. However the idea that heat will soon stop being pumped into the Arctic, whether via atmosphere or ocean, is quite frankly “absolutely gobsmackingly bananas”.

        As Zeke might say:

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