Facts About the Arctic in September 2020

A detailed dissection of the 2020 minimum of various Arctic sea ice extent metrics can be found on a dedicated thread. All other Arctic news in September will be found below. As is usually the case, let’s set the ball rolling by taking a look at Wipneus’s visualisations of the August PIOMAS gridded thickness data:

together with the computed volume:

and anomaly graphs:

PIOMAS volume at the end of August was still firmly in 3rd place behind 2012 and 2019.

[Edit – September 4th]

However Arctic sea ice extent is firmly in second place behind 2012, although that does not also apply to area:

[Edit – September 15th]

This is the first appearance of some “new ice” on one the Canadian Ice Service’s “stage of development” charts covering the Canadian Arctic Archipelago:

In this case in McDougall Sound to the west of Cornwallis Island.

3 thoughts on “Facts About the Arctic in September 2020

  1. Jim, this is a graphic: could you please display it?
    [Done – Mod]

    (Maybe you could tell me how to do that myself?)

    –> My questions regarding this graphic are;

    – Firstly: Why is Farenheit being measured in degrees…

    – and Secondly: Why is 59C ever mentioned in the text that follows the graphic?

    1. To get an image to display you need to put the link to the picture inside an <img> tag. For an example see:


      1) You’ve lost me. Surely Fahrenheit is always measured in degrees?

      2) Looks like there’s a bug in the temperature display? That being the case it’s a less than ideal choice of illustration for that article!

      How about this one instead?

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