Shock News! Mail on Sunday Silently “Corrects” Another David Rose “Porky Pie”

In our latest astonishing disclosure concerning David Rose’s optimistically named “Climategate 2” campaign in the Mail on Sunday in February we can now reveal the Mail’s botched attempt to cover up another “inadvertent” error in Mr. Rose’s February 19th article entitled “US Congress launches a probe into climate data that duped world leaders over global warming“.

In actual fact it’s the US Congress that’s being duped. Perhaps Lamar Smith, Chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, would like to play “spot the difference” with us? Here’s an extract from the original article:


and here’s the same section of the allegedly “corrected” article.


One of Mr. Rose’s “porky pies” concerning a statement supposedly made last month by Peter Stott from the UK Met Office has gone missing. There’s no apology or explanation in either the online or print version of the apology for a “correction” issued by the Mail on Sunday at the weekend.

Not only that, but an entire paragraph concerning the alleged “pause” has evaporated into thin air.

Not only that, but the alleged “correction” included below the offending article is different to the “official” version published in print at the weekend. Take another look:


Something is rotten in the state of MayBeLand. And in the state of TrumpLand too.

15 thoughts on “Shock News! Mail on Sunday Silently “Corrects” Another David Rose “Porky Pie”

  1. One can only wish that this fellow could be sentenced, like Lord Droon in Dr. Seuss’ book “The King’s Stilts,” to a lifetime of eating nizzards. (Sort of like crow, I guess.)

    [Added link – Mod]

      1. Maybe we could just say it’s an unnamed climate alarmist and let Delingpole specify the punishment. He seems very creative, and I like the poetic justice element. “This even-handed justice/Commends the ingredients of our poisoned chalice/To our own lips.” (Macbeth)

        1. That’s a suitably surreal suggestion Climate Hawk!

          Obviously Snow White and I have been blocked forever and a day, but I’ll see if I can persuade Alice to pop the question.

  2. Is the Daily Mail schizophrenic?
    Today’s contribution from it is “last year’s bizarre weather proves man-made climate change is real….”.

    It does seem to be a pattern “yes it is” followed by “no it isn’t”.
    But what do I know ?

    1. Janus springs to mind.

      One needs a face palm, and the other is slowly vanishing up its own rhetoric as it continues to bleed away with every attempt at saving same.

    2. Archived for your viewing pleasure at:

      Somehow I don’t think Lamar Smith will be quoting Phoebe Weston’s version of events before the House Science Committee!

      FYI – In a private communication Rose’s editor is currently blaming the Sunday Times for the “unfortunate” cock up over the Peter Stott “quote”.

  3. Blame shifting is going on here too,

    ‘In fact the official’s prediction was incorrect, and the temperatures have risen, slightly’

    So it was all Peter Stott’s fault after all. What a darned cheek, that is a defamatory inference if ever there was one.

    That ‘slightly’ adds insult to injury being context less and thus obfuscatory, but then that is Rose and The Mail’s way.

  4. “Janus springs to mind”

    Considering the crap that has appeared in the Mailicious over the years, perhaps that sentiment should be amended to read…

    “Anus springs to mind”

    Jim, what is your opinion regarding the hypothesis that Rose had inadvertently taken the January HadSST value, rather than the HadCRUT equivalent?

    1. You seem to be forgetting one important thing though Bill.

      It was a “a senior Met Office official” who inadvertently took the January HadSST value and “leaked” it to the ever diligent David Rose.

      The Met Office’s feeble response is that:

      It had no evidence of any of its staff suggesting the HadCRUT 4 data showed this or later retracting any such statement.

      They said it would be “very helpful if the Mail on Sunday were able to provide evidence to the contrary”.

      No such evidence has been forthcoming as yet.

      1. Sorry Jim,

        I “inadvertently” forgot that anything from the pen of Rose must be the God’s honest truth. How silly of me!

        What was that line from the Bard when he did the original screenplay for West Side Story? Something about “… a rose by any other name would smell …”.

  5. As a subversive element located in the People’s Republic of Trumpistan, I’m chronically angry. The good news is that I’m a part of a growing number of anger-stricken citizens who are channeling that rage into radically reforming our feckless and corrupt Democratic party, replacing those in it who can’t seem to fathom the lesson even the densest among us learned last November.

    We can’t “talk to stupid” (the Republicans) but we can make the Democratic party work the way it’s supposed to work, the way FDR and Bernie agree that it should. Then chasing the pigs off the farm (the 2018 and 2020 elections) will be a matter of course.

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