Shock News! Alice F. Convicted in WUWT Show Trial!!

Regular readers will be aware that Snow White and I have long been banished from the hallowed halls of Watts Up With That. What is one to do, then, when Anthony Watts publishes these scurrilous allegations about one’s character by the pseudonymous “Sunsettommy” under an article by David Middleton on a topic under much discussion here?

Your ice obsession is destroying you and Jim Hunt,who was exposed as a dishonest person over his absurd cherry picking of a small area while Tony was covering the ENTIRE Arctic region. Tony just today exposed Hunts dishonesty, by showing that his small Canadian region is actually thicker than last year.

The two of you are gaining a stellar reputation as wild eyed warmist morons,who will lie or distort the topic presented, Tony has effectively destroyed your low Arctic ice baloney, to the point that you now get derision there, since your replies are free of any science information,meaning you have no effective counterpoint to offer,just brainless opinions, nothing more.

With the usual channels of communication solidly blocked our very good friend Alice F. helpfully leapt into the breach:

SST – It seems as though you’ve been unable to confirm Aphan’s conjecture with evidence of an accurate prediction [from Tony Heller]? Meanwhile your aforementioned “Mr. Hunt” posted this “data based presentation” earlier:


“You don’t even need to be familiar with the satellite products to understand that the sea ice edge to the north of the Barents Sea doesn’t currently consist of multi-year ice.”

Any comment?

Much witty banter about Arctic sea ice maps and metrics ensued! Here is one of the more inventive comments, from the pseudonymous “2hotel9”:

Every time leftarded c*nts like you get caught being leftarded c*nts all you do is cry. Wahwahwahwahwahwahwah. Too f*cking funny.

That sort of thing apparently does not violate any of the carefully crafted house rules at WUWT, whereas this comment of Alice’s does:


Unabashed by her love letter being so swiftly trampled underfoot on the WUWT cutting room floor Alice valiantly pursued the matter with Anthony on Twitter, where in his habitual fashion he gleefully unfrocked her in public view of the whole of cyberspace:


[Edit – March 29th]

Anthony Watts has finally [snip]ped the four letter words uttered by “2hotel9”.

However there’s still no sign of him allowing yours truly a right of reply to SST’s libellous attacks upon my unblemished (outside the cryodenialosphere) character:

Watch this space!

2 thoughts on “Shock News! Alice F. Convicted in WUWT Show Trial!!

  1. “Sunsettommy”

    Last time I saw that name was on CityData. He (or it) was posting obvious global warming falsehoods that even I could easily refute. His comments were all over the place.
    I put up a reply, and nothing happened. So I put up another reply elsewhere and was then promptly informed I was being banned for life for “spamming.”

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