Censored Arctic Shipping Update

Our headline for today is only partially plagiarised from today’s “Arctic Shipping Update” article on “Steven Goddard’s” (un)Real Science blog. This morning Tony Heller posted the following ACNFS Arctic sea ice concentration visualisation:




Climate experts say that Northeast and Northwest Passages are open for business, but neither will open up this year.


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August 23, 2014 at 12:37 pm

At the risk of repeating myself:


not to mention:

Time passes….

Whilst we wait for Steve/Tony to do the decent thing, I thought I might take this opportunity to point out that currently there are 555 vessels with official “Permission for navigation on the water area of the Northern Sea Route” this year.

One of them is the Hapag-Lloyd cruise ship MS Hanseatic, which is currently wending its way through the New Siberian Islands:


The Hanseatic also carries a webcam. Here’s what it reveals at the moment:


It’s currently pretty plain sailing on that section of the Northern Sea Route by the look of things!


By the morning of Sunday August 24th (UTC) my dissenting comment had been released from limbo, although it had remained there the previous evening.

Somebody is telling a story aren’t they? Perhaps you’d like to tell us where the ship is. On the one hand I see a ship with the name Silver Explorer stuck in the ice, and then on the other I see your picture with green ice free waters. Everybody is going to be looking for this vessel now. Anybody with a satellite phone? Maybe they will wait it out till the ice thaws, like they did at the other pole. I will be saving that pretty picture of green, just in case you told us so.



Are you aware of the difference between the Northwest Passage and the Northern Sea Route, which is sometimes referred to as “the Northeast Passage”? That “pretty picture of green” is of the latter. Here’s the current position of the cruise ship MS Hanseatic in the Laptev Sea, coloured green on the map above:


You will note that my comment above was “stuck in Steve’s moderation queue” for many hours, which does rather spoil the flow of the conversation!



We’ll keep you posted!


2 thoughts on “Censored Arctic Shipping Update

  1. It’s rather ironic when deniers like “Steven Goddard” write stuff like “Climate experts say that Northeast and Northwest Passages are open for business, but neither will open up this year.” – as if they have actually listened to anything climate experts have been saying previously.

    It’s also very funny to watch how they peddle their stories, using real scientific papers, but pulling information out of context and reaching conclusions that differ from the one in the research. If they had been really interested in this, they could at least try to do some research on their own and get it peer-reviewed. But its so blatantly obvious that they are peddling a lie and a agenda with their denial of AGW. This Goddard troll is no different and a prime example of “the denier”.

    1. Not only that John, but they have been known to delete pertinent (not to mention truthful!) comments that do not toe the “party line”. In this instance “Dr. Goddard” has now released my dissenting comment from limbo.

      See the latest update above!

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