Tony Heller Denies Global Warming

Apart from (presumably accidentally) empirically confirming global warming and Arctic sea ice volume decline, Tony Heller has also been frantically attempting to persuade his flock of faithful followers that the current value of the OSI SAF’s extent metric means that the impending series of “2023 has been the hottest year evah!” stories are all lies.

Here a few examples of his infamous oeuvre, together with “Snow White’s” responses:

Tony has also gleefully invoked the NSIDC’s annual minimum extent for his nefarious purposes, although he refers to it as “NOAA data”:

Switching swiftly to a cherry picked graph of the OSI SAF minimum extent, Tony invokes the spirit of a deceased parrot that went to meet its maker several decades ago. He remains blissfully unaware that I watched the Monty Python dead parrot sketch when it was first broadcast:

When do you suppose Tony will get around to implementing my suggestion of revealing the OSI SAF extent graph for December 8th to his flock of faithful followers?

Or a multi decade graph of NSIDC extent for that matter?

[Update – January 4th]

My prediction has come true in next to no time:

[Update – January 20th]

For some strange reason Tony has been silent about Arctic sea ice extent for a while, and has moved on to the Greenland ice sheet instead:

Presumably that’s in response to an article in The Guardian:

The Greenland ice cap is losing an average of 30m tonnes of ice an hour due to the climate crisis, a study has revealed, which is 20% more than was previously thought…

The study, published in the journal Nature, used artificial intelligence techniques to map more than 235,000 glacier end positions over the 38-year period, at a resolution of 120 metres. This showed the Greenland ice sheet had lost an area of about 5,000 sq km of ice at its margins since 1985, equivalent to a trillion tonnes of ice.

“Snow White” felt compelled to respond to Mr. Heller as follows:

“Snow” is now going to see if “she” can bring the latest “Shock News” from the Arctic Ocean to Tony’s attention. Wish “her” luck!

According to Tony’s current favourite metric, Arctic sea ice extent has reduced for 2 days in a row, and has reached the 10% percentile.

[Update – January 21st]

Tony has just pulled another one of his ageing rabbits out of his X rated climate scam hat:

“Snow White” responded with one of her own ageing replies:

Evidently Tony has still not learned that it’s impossible to compare 1990 apples with 2001 oranges, despite having the difference explained to him on numerous previous occasions.

Stop Press! Tony has suddenly discovered that he’s been comparing apples with oranges all these years!!

Of course he blames the IPCC rather than himself:

“Snow White’s” first thought?

Watch this space!

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