Lies, Damned Lies And Tony Heller Videos

Yesterday Tony Heller proudly proclaimed on Twitter that:

I’m going to make a video today discussing the systemic lies, data hiding and deception about the Arctic from government agencies and the press.

Early today (UTC) that video was published on YouTube. At 0:19 Tony asserts that:

And of course the graph starts in 1979 because they say that’s the start of the satellite record!

On no “they” don’t! This morning (UTC):

Tony seems have gone very quiet on Twitter, so here’s another couple of episodes from the ongoing soap opera:

Here’s the reference in question, from page 236 in the IPCC’s First Assessment Report in 1990:

The Under-Ice Thickness Distribution of the Arctic Basin as Recorded in 1958 and 1970

Surely a sufficiently unambiguous title for someone of Tony Heller’s intellectual capacity to comprehend?

[Edit – October 11th]

Tony is still very quiet about Arctic matters on Twitter, so here’s a few more episodes of my ongoing critique:

[Edit – October 13th]

Shock News! Tony Heller has accidentally made a testable prediction on Twitter!!

Let’s bookmark it for posterity shall we?

Needless to say Tony has yet to answer my final question.

[Edit – October 16th]

Needless to say Tony Heller has yet to answer any of my recent questions. What’s more despite the exhortations of one of his band of merry (mostly) men he has declined to engage in a public debate with me:

[Edit – October 22nd]

With my alter ego blocked I’ve been debating with some of Tony’s band of merry (mostly) men whilst wearing my normal attire. One of them requested the opinion of Judah Cohen and Big Joe on Tony’s cherry pick du jour:

Here’s what happened next:

Here’s what Judah’s suggestion looks like, up until October 18th at least:

The NSIDC’s data feed seems to be suffering from a “brief hiatus”:

Watch this space!

8 thoughts on “Lies, Damned Lies And Tony Heller Videos

  1. Matt has entered our 2021 “New Einstein” competition.

    Meanwhile Tony Heller keeps “us” blocked and/or muted whilst he continues to peddle his same old, same old snake oil:

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