The Great White Con 2021 “New Einstein” Award

During the 4 years of the Donald Trump presidency the cryodenialosphere has been relatively quiet. However now that Joe Biden is in charge of the land of the free that happy state of affairs is changing.

First of all it is my solemn, if belated, duty to award the 2020 grand prize of the loan of another polar bear suit kindly donated by the Daily Telegraph plus a battered big board from Cotty‘s quiver to Tommy Barlow, occasional visitor to the Arctic Sea Ice Forum, with the following bon mots:

Fuck off, clique hobbit, shit-for-brains.

Getting back to 2021, several candidates have thrown their hat into the ring over the past few days. In order of appearance:

1) Sami Ilvonen on Twitter with the (partially now deleted):

2) Jeff Tonna on Twitter who insulted two alleged “climate nutters” whilst simultaneously invoking the spirit of Albert Einstein:

3) Matt Sissons on Twitter who assures me that “I don’t believe I’ve being rude to you”. Amongst other misdemeanours Matt was certainly on a roll on October 13th:

4) David Appel at Judith Curry’s “Climate Etc.” blog. According to his baby bio on Twitter David is a “Freelance science writer. PhD, physics”. I can only assume that amongst his other shortcomings David has never seen my Twitter C.V.:

4 thoughts on “The Great White Con 2021 “New Einstein” Award

  1. Hey, I was just messing around with some numbers . If we can agree on some numbers, let’s see:

    Total Greenland mass loss for the last 30 years about 2990 Gtons.
    Total Greenland ice mass is 7.36 m SLE, or 2662848 Gtons.

    How much 2990 represents ? 0.1% of ice “loss”, which is very little. So please add this reference to Greenland mass “loss” graphs so we can have it in the right perspective!

    1. Hi Mountaineer,

      You appear to have posted your comment in the wrong place. Would you like me to move it to a Greenland ice sheet thread?

      Alternatively if this is your entry into our 2021 New Einstein contest you will need to use MUCH stronger language to stand a chance of topping the leaderboard.

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