Alternative Facts About the Arctic in 2017

Yesterday I found myself in conversation with Nigel and “Steve” on Twitter about NOAA’s recent report on Arctic temperatures and the seemingly unrelated topic of Russian icebreakers. Apparently Nigel has been perusing “Steve’s” recent railing against NOAA’s “Red Hot Arctic” in 2016 on his “Deplorable Client Science” blog. Here’s how my conversation with Nigel went:


It appears that Nigel believes that an image like this:


is far more relevant than an image like this:


when it comes to determining the thickness of “the ice up in the north of Russia”!

Then of course there was my “conversation” with “Steve” after he butted in on my “debate” with Nigel. It went like this:

Followed the next morning by:

Just like Nigel, “Steve” still hasn’t got around to commenting on my map of Arctic sea thickness or explaining the significance of 2 Russian icebreakers NOT stuck in the East Siberian Sea.

[Edit – February 3rd 2017]

Some more pertinent facts, courtesy of CryoSat-2:


I’ve just submitted this article to a brand new learned journal. The Journal of Alternative Facts:

According to their article guidelines self references are highly desirable, so I figured I should add some.


[Edit – February 4th 2017]

Nigel still refuses to provide any more “evidence” about the Russian icebreakers allegedly “stuck in ice”, whilst “Steve” continues to ignore me:

The Journal of Alternative Facts article guidelines insist on peer review by politicians, so I’ve invited a few local, national and international politicians to comment on my draft paper:


[Edit – References]

White, S. (2016a) – The 11th Key Science Moment of 2016

White, S. (2016b) – Post-Truth Global and Arctic Temperatures

White, S. (2015) – Why It’s So Hard to Convince Pseudo-Skeptics

Please feel free to add your peer reviews in the space provided for that purpose below.

4 thoughts on “Alternative Facts About the Arctic in 2017

  1. While humorous, your discourse is really quite sad. And as the sea ice situation worsens, I’ll bet the discourse will become shriller until it reaches a nadir of absolute ridiculousness.

    Been reading your blog awhile now and always enjoy your input at Neven’s blog!

    1. You are very kind Karol, if I’ve got that right. You have to at least try and laugh, or you’d cry? Did you by any chance have time to peruse the references? I had in mind White (2015) in particular?

      In the latest update it seems Nigel wants to change the subject to the Antarctic. Meanwhile “Steve” has been setting the scene for “ClimateGate 2”. I still haven’t heard from JAF about my abstract. However they have just rejected my offer to become a reviewer of climate change articles for them. Wrong gender! I gave them the scoop anyway:

  2. A view from on high of the sea ice off Chaunskaya Bay on March 11th 2017:


    I wonder how those “ice bound icebreakers” are coping with this sudden turn of events?

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