Shock Historical News – Towing In at the North Pole in 1958!

As part of the build up to the 2015 Great White Con Arctic Basin Big Wave (Fantasy?) Surfing Contest (GWCABBWFSC for short) we’ve been researching previous Arctic Basin water sports events.  You can only imagine our shock and delight when we discovered deep in the depths of the NSIDC’s “Top Secret” archives some never before seen video footage of the USS Skate surfacing “near the North Pole” in the summer of 1958. Even more astonishing than that was the moving pictures of Norbert Untersteiner being towed at high speed behind a powered water craft in the very same lead that SSN-578 had used to reach fresh air and sunshine. Firstly feast your eyes on this:

Now take a look at how 21st century big wave surfers tow into the waves created by calving glaciers:

The Arctic Surf Forecast For Late August 2014

1 thought on “Shock Historical News – Towing In at the North Pole in 1958!

  1. Love it! Took a look around and you are as always doing great stuff. It takes a special kind of persistence to push this through. One could wish it was not so easy to spread lies and hard to get rid of them.

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