Shock News! Breathtakingly Ignorant Deranged Blogger Batting 1,000 This Summer

Tony Heller (AKA Steven Goddard) has just posted a new article on his (un)Real Science blog. I’ve shamelessly plagiarised the title!

Shock News : Breathtakingly Ignorant Deranged Blogger Batting 1,000 This Summer


I also have been forecasting for the past three years that the amount of multi-year ice in the Arctic will increase, during a time when Arctic experts were predicting an ice-free Arctic

Why I Expect MYI To Increase Over Last September | Real Science

The difference between my approach and that of Arctic experts, is that I use the scientific  method. They rely on superstition about a harmless trace gas. Real Science always beats superstition.

Steve/Tony was good enough to provide me with a link to his new post immediately following its publication, so I was lucky enough to be able to post the very first comment:




Jim, thank you demonstrating once again that you and your ilk are complete morons.



My pleasure Steve/Tony.



Take a good long look through the archive footage linked to at the top. Try not to inadvertently end up on (un)Real Science!





We’ll keep you posted!


4 thoughts on “Shock News! Breathtakingly Ignorant Deranged Blogger Batting 1,000 This Summer

  1. My forecasts of ice extent were spot on. If you don’t understand the difference between extent and area, then you probably shouldn’t be blogging about a topic you don’t understand.

    1. Thanks for popping in Tony,

      I hope I’ve got that right? Please let me know if not.

      I believe that I have at the very least an elementary understanding of the difference between Arctic sea ice area and extent, not to mention volume. Have you seen all the resources we here in The Great White Con Ivory Towers look at on a regular basis?

      I also understand that if some divergent winds are forecast “extent” will almost certainly go up in the short term whilst “area” may well go down. Forecasting by almost exactly how much is a bit trickier though!

      Having said that I’m afraid I will have to quibble with you about all your recent pronouncements to the effect that “This summer’s Arctic sea ice extent is at a 10 year record high“.

      Where’s the data that backs up that assertion?

  2. Great work here. I stopped over from Neven’s page and see that you’re giving the poser known as “Steve Goddard” a much deserved hard time for blatant denial of reality and goalpost shifting.

    Kudos mate.

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