An Open Letter to the Managing Editor of the Mail on Sunday

Thank you for your email. Unless I’ve completely misunderstood you’re directing me to this page?

If that’s the case then it doesn’t actually answer my repeated question, which included the word “amicably”. See below.

I’d be most grateful if you could confirm that my interpretation of your email is correct. In any event I shall give IPSO a call on Monday to see what they suggest.

I think I’ll head to the newsagents first thing tomorrow morning, to make sure I grab a copy of the MoS before it sells out. What “Shock News” might be next I wonder?

“New NOAA Whistleblower says Ice Age Imminent!”

Please feel free to plagiarise that one if you so desire.

Best wishes,

Jim Hunt

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Managing Editor of the Mail on Sunday

  1. It seems Snow White’s Alternative Facts detection subsystem is still working perfectly! My latest missive to The Mail’s Managing Editor:

    Further to my email yesterday, I wish to register yet another complaint. David Rose’s article in this morning’s MoS is a proverbial “tissue of lies”. As predicted, I’m off down the paper shop shortly.

    I’d be grateful you could answer some other unanswered question I asked you not so long ago at your earliest possible convenience:

    “Have you ever studied physics? Or any other science?”

    Best wishes,

    Jim Hunt

  2. No joke an ice age IS imminent. Runaway global warming leading to massive, sudden sea level rise will be the switch for the greatest volcanic cataclysm in billions of years. The following greatest, deepest, darkest glacial event in earths history will wipe the slate clean and its just what humanity needs. Shame about the loss of biodiversity though. I have no evidence. Not a shred of empirical data. Just a hunch and not much hope. Prove me wrong.
    p.s. love ya work.

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