Beta Testing Snow White’s Alternative Fact Detector

As part of our ongoing alternative facts research program we flipped the switch on the first beta test version of Snow White’s Alternative Facts Wetware™ (#AFW™ for short) AF detection subsystem early on Saturday morning (UTC). We were astonished when the needle literally flew past the end stops later that morning. Initially we suspected a bug must have sneaked in via one of Snow’s unprotected ear canals. However when she rather reluctantly ran her exhaustive diagnostic routines they revealed that her mission was in actual fact absolutely nominal.

What happened next therefore came as no surprise whatsoever:


For those of you unfamiliar with some of Planet Earth’s leading alternate facts exponents perhaps we should explain at this juncture that we tweeted Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (amongst numerous other local, national and international politicians) long before ex Prof. Judith Curry “blew the whistle” with the aid of John J Bates and then Congressman Lamar Smith proudly published the House Science Committee’s “#NOAAGate press release”.


Here’s a close up of the graphic graphic we sent the pols, which emerged from our prior “debate” with Nigel, who changed the subject without addressing the issue and then turned strangely silent:


We cannot help but wonder what comment Messrs Smith and Rohrabacher might wish to make at this juncture. What do you make of all this Nigel?

9 thoughts on “Beta Testing Snow White’s Alternative Fact Detector

  1. Just another up-sloping step on the Stairway to Oblivion. The nutters can now talk up the next “hiatus.” Can’t wait for that.
    No seriously, we can’t wait for that.

  2. I have been reading the Arctic Sea Ice Forum since before Christmas, and thought I was beginning to get the drift of climatology. But this chart is confusing. Did Santa Clause fall through?
    Is this a stupid question?
    I thought the hole in the O Zone was in the air. But now there seems to be an O Zone on the North Pole. Or is that the hole in the O Zone?
    Also, is there such a thing as “Ice 9”? If so, where can I get some and does it keep well in the freezer of a household refrigerator?

    1. That image is a sort of Rorschach test for politicians. I suspect the House Science Committee would have a lot more trouble than you in correctly identifying where and what it shows!

      The grey area over the North Pole is the “Pole Hole”. Not an actual hole in the ice, but an area that the SMOS satellite never passes over. GWC Ivory Towers are located within the Pole Hole, and we haven’t sunk yet!

      Ice-nine is not currently available on Planet Earth, although it may well have had something to do with the Snowball Earth?

  3. @ Charlie

    To put that “pole hole” in some sort of perspective, the coverage gap in the satellites used by the NSIDC has, over the years, dropped as follows…

    Nov 1978 – Jun 1987 1.19 million sq kms
    Jul 1987 – Dec 2007 0.31 million sq kms
    Jan 2008 – present 0.029 million sq kms

    As the monthly average extent in September 2016 was, according to the NSIDC, 4.72 million sq kms, that hole equates to about 0.6% – at the time of sea ice minimum.

    1. @ Bill et al
      thanks for all replies and especially this link which mentioned Cat’s Cradle. Couldn’t remember the name of that book from so long ago
      in the early days of Romanticism when I got kicked out of Williston Academy for letting my hair and peach fuzz grow and espousing living in the woods like Thoreau at Walden etc that we were learning about in English Lit. Too bad THEY didn’t listen to us then.
      Oh well. Now National Geographic blurb says we can save 32 sq feet of arctic ice at a time for each ton of carbon we don’t expend.
      I tried to ask them how thick, a centimeter or 3 meters, but they wouldn’t accept the comment without a facebook password.
      I’m still a stubborn child, but I like Neven,s style keeping You Guys in line with your off thread rantings. Maybe He should have been the HeadMaster.
      Nice to have this moment for public comment.
      I do think Mr S Klaus did fall through; so sorry about all the reindeer
      too; but EndoColonization is oblivious to to the fate of polar bears and reindeer .
      Cat’s Cradle has slipped through our fingers?

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