The Great White Con 2015 “New Einstein” Award

As regular readers will have realised by now, we are subject to a continuing barrage of verbal abuse as we fearlessly pursue our goal of telling the truth about the Arctic whatever the obstacles. Following the latest such episode we have consulted our learned counsel and decided to publish the spiciest episodes here. By the time August 2015 draws to a close a poll of our loyal reader(s) will determine which of our utterers of undeleted expletives will be awarded a wild card entry into the 2015 Great White Con Arctic Basin Big Wave Surfing Contest.

Here are the contestants so far this year:

1) Tony (“Steve Goddard”) Heller, with:

I’m amazed you have the gall to show up around here, after saying I should be jailed for accurately reporting and predicting Arctic ice.

Pathetic and quite psychotic Jim. And the NASA press release said nothing about uncertainty or satellites.

World class wanker


2) David (“Climate of Hate“) Rose, with:

3) Roger (“TallBloke”) Tattersall, UKIP’s Yorks and North Lincs Energy and Climate Change spokesman and prospective parliamentary candidate for Pudsey, with:


4) Gail Combs, regular commenter at unReal Science amongst other places, with:

Jim, How does it feel to be morally responsible for the deaths of thousands of people a year?

Please feel free to speculate about the ultimate outcome of this exciting new competition in the space provided for such purposes below!

4 thoughts on “The Great White Con 2015 “New Einstein” Award

  1. quite amusing as Heller blocked me for the third and final time in 2012, because I had been pestering him about the arctic SIE since about MArch, and by the beginning of august he didn’t want his fans seeing my continued gentle reminders.

    1. I’m glad you liked it Tony! Here’s the sad and sorry story of how I first got “blocked” by “Steven Goddard”:

      How to Upset a Global Warming Sceptic

      Subsequently I took to disguising myself in a frilly white frock, but “Steve” eventually saw through my subterfuge and blocked “Snow White” as well. Here’s a blow by blow account of how I eventually managed to be permitted to comment under my own name at (un)RealScience once again:

  2. Saul is currently NOT blocked by watts on twitter. Status at WUWT is unknown and cannot be verified because I will not be returning to the conspiracy theorist science cesspool blog known as #WUWT anytime in the foreseeable future.

    It appears that wee willard is a masochist and is enjoying the pain.

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