Censorship Down Under by Senator Malcolm Roberts

Senator Malcolm Roberts is live streaming “a public forum in Parliament House tonight where we will be deconstructing climate data from over 250 data sets” via his Facebook page. Allegedly:

You can listen in and see the empirical evidence for yourself which disproves the AGW hypothesis.

An invitation has also been extended to the Chief Scientist, CSIRO Chief Executive and staff, and the Director of the Bureau of Meteorology to attend and engage in these discussions.

Malcolm asked:


so I obliged with a few. They all seem to have disappeared:





Aren’t “One Nation” advocates of “free speech”? A prime prize of a packet of peanuts to the first person to spot one or more of the above in the wild on Facebook.


[Edit – March 30th]

Additional news on this story arrives via Twitter:

4 thoughts on “Censorship Down Under by Senator Malcolm Roberts

  1. Hey, I finally joined you on the Watts Up naughty step: as of the weekend all my comments are being moderated…

    Keep up the good work!


      1. Not noticed any actually gone yet…

        Planning to confront mods over weekend.

        I don’t mind if they ban all, but selecting just some is wrong…

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