O-Buoy 14 Awakens in the Heart of the Northwest Passage

Enough sunlight is now reaching O-Buoy 14 for it to power up briefly every day after a long sleep through the Arctic winter blackness:


The buoy’s position has suddenly been revealed deep into the Northwest Passage after driting a considerable distance whilst out of radio contact:


Not only that, but the ice on the buoy’s camera has melted enough to reveal a distant horizon:

O-Buoy 14 image from February 21st 2017
O-Buoy 14 image from February 21st 2017


[Edit – February 24th]

The glaze over the webcam’s lens is gradually melting:


As suggested by “Oale” below, here’s the CIS ice chart for the Canadian Arctic Archipelago:



[Edit – February 25th]

O-Buoy 14 is waking up earlier each day, and the view is getting clearer too:




[Edit – February 26th]

The lens of O-Buoy 14’s has cleared, resulting in some very pretty pictures being beamed back to base:




[Edit – February 28th]

There’s now enough energy stored in O-Buoy 14’s batteries when the sun is above the horizon to keep her operating into the long nights:


Watch this space!

2 thoughts on “O-Buoy 14 Awakens in the Heart of the Northwest Passage

  1. Really fine location too. I wish it won’t move too much until final melt. Thick first year ice on location, i guess. Should check the Canadian Ice Charts for more info. Pmt.

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