DMIGate Skulduggery In a Nutshell

With apologies to O’Reilly Media Inc. here’s a brief history of the “DMIGate” story, viewed through Anthony Watts’ distorting spectacle lenses.

0) Here is the February 14th 2016 edition of the Danish Meteorological Institutes’s long “deprecated” 30% concentration threshold Arctic sea ice extent graph in question:


1) On August 14th 2013 Anthony Watts wrote on his “Watts Up With That” blog:

That’s the old DMI plot, which DMI says we should now use this one on this page:

2) On February 22nd 2016 Anthony Watts wrote on WUWT:

There has been so much skulduggery going on in the climate establishment in recent years that it is hard to avoid the conclusion that this graph has been withdrawn simply because it gives the “wrong” results.

3) Anthony Watts refuses to publish any and all comments on his blog pointing out what he himself had confirmed that DMI said in August 2013.

4) Anthony Watts states on Judith Curry’s “Climate Etc.” blog that:

You post off topic or disrupt threads with the sort of unsubstantiated nonsense you post above, and both demand to have these off topic comments heard and then play the “look Watts is censoring me!” game when your comments don’t meet our site comment policy and/or are abusive in nature.

5) Judith Curry deletes the following comment (amongst others) on her “Climate Etc.” blog:

David – Are you suffering from acute snow blindness too, just like poor Paul Homewood? Try reading this if you haven’t already. Try reading it again if you have:

In view of the incontrovertible evidence why would anyone believe anything Paul Homewood, Anthony Watts and Judith Curry claim about “Climate Etc.” ever again?

10 thoughts on “DMIGate Skulduggery In a Nutshell

  1. Reggie may have found a cause to support when he returns March 19… finding a cure for the deadly disease afflicting the world renowned psudo-scientist and brave keyboard warrior…

    Willard A Watts, is suffering from terminal self-induced CRS.


  2. I owe an apology to the little #wutz for my behaviour at WUWT on the 14th of August 2013. If I didn’t post 100% on topic factual science Watts wouldn’t have been forced to ban me from his pseudo-science blog. Who am I to judge his decision allowing his Mod dbs to wear a sockpuppet while at the same moderating that thread?

  3. And I apologize in advance to the little #wutz for the emotional pain and suffering he will have to endure tomorrow after I tweet about a certain inconvenient post at #wutzupwiththat from June 2013.
    Since you are always two steps ahead of me Mr psychic detective, care to make a guess as to the identity of the New Zealand based organization that memory holed an article that the little #wutz posted about…

  4. I wouldn’t trust her further than I could throw her and since my third rotator cuff surgery, that is not far at all. I went through MST’s August 14 visit to #wutz and couldn’t find any obvious errors but that may be due to confirmatory bias.
    Snow White has read the third email I exchanged Curry and unlike Judith, she knows which direction this is heading.
    I am going to post a link to the video explains the origin of snipgate which Ms Curry was too afraid to watch. The bitly is still a virgin, it has never been clicked despite spending 13 days in Curry’s possession.

    Open letter to Christopher Monckton — Please return to the debate – YouTube

    1. Christopher Monckton wasn’t very keen on debating Arctic sea ice with me either Lawrence, not that the WUWT “mods” published much of what I had to say to him:

      He popped in to fire off a few ad homs in my direction and then disappeared back from whence he came, only to return a few days later to deliver a new article containing another batch of porky pies hot off the production line.

      Needless to say only one of my pertinent responses to Monckton’s remarks managed to make it past “Smokey’s” red pencil unscathed, then it was back into the great bit bucket in the sky.

  5. Watts has another ice thread up and the usual suspects Homewood and Clutz have posted their wingnut alternate reality version of science. There has also been a miraculous resurrection of the MASIE controversy this Easter. Science denier Homewood also posted this mind blowing comment…. “Precisely. And the warmer waters are the result of ocean currents and not CO2, which can not have any significant effect on ocean temperatures”.
    Apparently he doesn’t believe that the heat from a warming planet can enter the oceans and the transfer is “OUT” only. That explains why in his version of reality the ice is growing.

  6. The shock news now deserves SHOCK NEWS! after Anthony Watts revealed himself as not just being a run of the mill internet troll but a stalker troll. It amazes me that he would have copied our combined comments and attached them to your comment at #wutz.
    What did he think he was accomplishing, it certainly wasn’t looking like a rational adult or arguing with science from the real world. He runs away from any honest rational fact based debate. Reggie decided it is time to teach little tony how to act like an adult instead of being a #petulant_ prepubescent .
    I have been given the difficult task of returning to Judy’s place and try to show her the light. Its cool to know that Watts minions report back to their Master our personal comments…. Especially mine since I am not blogging at his wingnut science blog, where all science is real cuz they saw it on WUWT.
    Anyway here is what Reggie decided. Watts has to apologize to DMI. He isn’t morally equipped to perform that function and that is where the comedy begins, although to be honest he is more to be pitied than laughed at.

  7. Poor little Jim comes out as the biggest loser, so sad, but that is the fate of passive aggressive girlie-men trolls. Maybe you could hook up with Watts and Curry, they are about to go down. Or you could act like an adult and apologize. I won’t hold my breath, nor return to you silly vanity blog.

    You may have a sailor/adventurer upset, when the news breaks on the 11th. Are you that deluded that when cleared by superiors, I wasn’t going to come back to clear my reputation.

    Everyone has dirty little secrets

    1. Hello again Lawrence,

      My apologies for the delay in approving this. I’ve just stumbled across it in my spam folder.

      Perhaps you’d be so good as to explain what else you think I should apologise for? And why your reputation is unclear?

      And what news that broke on the 11th have I missed? Or didn’t it? Or did you mean November 11th? Or?????

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