Is the Son of Storm Frank Heading for the Arctic?

Strange things are happening in the North Atlantic at the moment. It’s the middle of January, and currently Hurricane Alex is heading straight for Greenland:


By the time he gets there Alex is due to meet another strong storm already spinning north of Newfoundland:


That combination is forecast by Magic Seaweed to bring some interesting surfing conditions to my local beach break here in Soggy South West England this coming weekend:


Somewhat further into the future here is MSW’s surf forecast for the British Isles in one week’s time:


and here is their forecast for the Arctic Circle a day or so later:


A lot may change over the next week of course, but here’s ECMWF’s current prognosis for 192 hours from now, courtesy of MeteoCiel:

Finally, for the moment at least, here’s a reminder of what Storm Frank did to the sea ice in the Arctic at the very end of 2015:

7 thoughts on “Is the Son of Storm Frank Heading for the Arctic?

  1. “Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).

  2. In the BBC’s “Weather for the Week Ahead” the by now ex Hurricane Alex finally gets a mention concerning his potential impact on the weather here in the UK over the next few days. Apparently:

    We’ve got an ex hurricane, very unusual for this time of year, in January, to have a hurricane in the Atlantic! Now it is moving away from the UK so it’s not going to directly affect us. It’s heading up towards Greenland in fact. But this ex hurricane, what that’s doing is adding extra energy into the jet stream which is the driving force of our weather at the moment. That in turn is adding extra complications to the computer models that generate the forecast for the weather here across the UK…..

  3. The long distance swell created by Hurricane Alex’s northward dash across the North Atlantic arrived on the north coast of Soggy South West England yesterday afternoon. Here’s the view that greeted me when I arrived at Widemouth Bay in North Cornwall:

    Widemouth-2016-01-17 15.21.49

    Whilst I was surfing Alex’s swell Southern Greenland was as warm as Soggy South West England, and much windier for a while!

    Exeter, UK:

    Angiosoq, Greenland

  4. who needs the internet when Jim is always ahead #reggie

    goodard and minions left reggie alone and moved on to attack Dr Mann thus ending Sen Cruze campaign

    I found the purrrfect new #pippa
    It may be time to start a new thread at ground zero
    classic British cars is an appropriate them for Reggie on March 19
    will you be able to handle heavy traffic on spring equinox or would it be better hosted this side of the pond

    1. As luck would have it we’re already hosted on your side of the pond.

      (Almost) infinitely scalable in a Rackspace data center, which does however not come cheap at large scale!

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