Global Sea Ice Area at Lowest *Ever Level

Regular readers will recall that we recently announced this “Shock News!” in a comment below our “Arctic Sea Ice Area and Extent Lowest ^Ever” article. Here is the graphic evidence again:



And here is a story about what it takes to convince a “climate change skeptic” about the crysopheric facts of life:


There’s more on this sorry tale of woe over at Neven’s Arctic Sea Ice Blog.

This measure doesn’t tell us all that much about the health of either Arctic or Antarctic regions, if only because the seasons move in opposite directions (nevertheless, the Global sea ice trend is down). It’s just an interesting statistical factoid.

However, climate risk deniers often use the Global sea ice metric as an argument that nothing is wrong and AGW is a hoax. In other words, the recent growth in Antarctic sea ice offsets the loss of Arctic sea ice (it doesn’t), even though the poles are literally worlds apart and are pretty much incomparable (except for the sea ice bit).

Using this logic, it would seem that this new record minimum means there is something wrong with sea ice and AGW isn’t a hoax. I wonder how they will spin this one. If they report it to their loyal readers, that is.

So far none of the “climate risk deniers” I’ve pinged on Twitter have brought this “interesting statistical factoid” to the attention of “their loyal readers”.

* Since satellite records began
^ For the day of the year

10 thoughts on “Global Sea Ice Area at Lowest *Ever Level

    1. You are very kind Lawrence. Is patience a virtue in such circumstances?

      Following this extremely rigorous peer review process I have been (un)reliably informed that:

      Yes I confirm your data is correct using Cryosphere Today.

      I called Benny Peiser earlier today to tell him the “Shock News!”. He assures me that he will personally check the GWPF web site(s) for Arctic inaccuracies!

  1. The Cryosphere Today global sea ice area metric posted another lowest *ever value today.

    14.324 million square kilometres.

    Now I’m eagerly awaiting the next NSIDC extent update. At 16.842 million square kilometres it is currently lowest *ever for the day of the year, but not yet lowest *ever, period!

  2. Who would have believed it possible ? Snow White has done it again!

    Our prediction for the Global Warming Policy Forum/Foundation on February 23rd 2015?

    The reality on February 25th 2015!


    Yet another new “lowest *ever” Cryosphere Today global sea ice area of 14.221 million square kilometres.

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