David Rose’s Great Covid-19 Con?

Recent readers may well have arrived here because I have started commenting on the Great Covid-19 crisis? Regular readers may recall my previous Arctic sea ice altercations with David Rose? He “writes for the Mail on Sunday” according to his byline in Andrew Neil’s Spectator magazine. One or two people of a certain age may even recall the initial raison d’être of my Arctic alter ego’s blog?

David has now also turned his attention to Covid-19 in an article in the aforementioned journal, entitled “Revealed: Extinction Rebellion’s plan to exploit the Covid crisis. The group sees ‘silver linings’ in the pandemic”. Perhaps given our long familiarity with David’s “skeptical” oeuvre we might be able to reveal Andrew Neil’s “plan to exploit the Covid crisis”? That being the case, let’s dive into David’s “silver linings playbook” shall we?

As we contemplate the havoc being wrought by coronavirus, most of us see mainly sickness, death and economic ruin. Dr Rupert Read, spokesman for the climate protest group Extinction Rebellion — plus sometime Green party candidate, and associate professor of philosophy at the University of East Anglia — has rather a different view. In this pandemic, he writes, ‘there is a huge opportunity for XR… It is essential that we do not let this crisis go to waste.’

Read’s thoughts are set out in a paper entitled ‘Some strategic scenario-scoping of the coronavirus-XR nexus.’ The paper is not meant to be widely read. ‘NB, this is a confidential document for internal XR use, NOT for publication!’ he writes at the head.

Now this is of course the point in the ClimateBall™ playbook where one always poses the question “Gotta link to evidence justifying your assertions David?”

David doesn’t provide one so perhaps one might enquire instead:

[Edit – April 11th]

Perhaps you won’t be surprised to discover that neither Andrew Neil or David Rose have provided me with a link as yet? In which case perhaps one should try another tack?

2 thoughts on “David Rose’s Great Covid-19 Con?

  1. Shock news!!!

    Amongst the long list of “usual suspects” it has recently been brought to my attention that Viscount Matt Ridley is also currently promulgating “fake news” regarding the novel coronavirus pandemic:

  2. Shock News^2!!!!

    David Rose has evidently passed a copy of his silver linings playbook on to somebody called Glen Owen who is allegedly the Political Editor for the Mail on Sunday.

    The #FailOnSunday has just published an article with the somewhat verbose title of “Wuhan lab was performing coronavirus experiments on bats from the caves where the disease is believed to have originated – with a £3m grant from the US”

    According to Glen:

    The laboratory at the centre of scrutiny over the pandemic has been carrying out research on bats from the cave which scientists believe is the original source of the devastating outbreak.

    Documents obtained by The Mail on Sunday show the Wuhan Institute of Virology undertook coronavirus experiments on mammals captured more than 1,000 miles away in Yunnan – funded by a $3.7 million grant from the US government.

    Didn’t we just debunk a big barrel of bat bunkum above?

  3. I just realized, its all about the money, and lots democratic scientists full of BS
    we get a big freeze in arctic 2020, no one talks about it, and they make up more BS on what it happen, like a solar storm on Mars, that is way know one believes these scientists, all their reports are political

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