A Letter to the Editor of the Mail on Sunday

CC: @IpsoNews

To whom it may concern,

As you are no doubt aware, I am rather dissatisfied with the responses I have received from you to my assorted enquiries over recent weeks. In such circumstances I took the liberty of attempting to communicate directly with David Rose about the wide variety of inaccurate and/or misleading statements about climate science that your esteemed organ has published over recent weeks. Here is a brief overview of my recent conversations with your leading investigative journalist on Twitter:


Do you have any comment to make at this juncture?

Yours sincerely,

Jim Hunt



Dear Jim,

I am away at present so only dimly aware of what this is about.

You have sent two links to Twitter events. One appears to show some people talking about climate change. The other is a personal exchange between you and David Rose. You accused him of writing fiction. He told you to go away.

I have no comment about either.

Best regards,




Dear John,

I acknowledge receipt of your email.

I also have no further comment to make on yesterday’s article at this time.

Best wishes,

Jim Hunt

Time passes….. Until on February 19th 2015:

Hello John,

Perhaps you could pass the latest “shock news” from the Arctic on to David Rose for me?


Should we now expect a revealing article on the long term Arctic sea ice trend to be prominently featured in the Mail this coming Sunday?

Thanks in anticipation,




Dear Jim

Thanks for sending this.




My pleasure John,

Does this mean you are finally back at the desk on which the David Rose buck stops? Here is some undeniably “Shock News!” from the Arctic for you both:


Have we missed the deadline for this coming Sunday?

Best wishes,

Jim Hunt



We’ll keep you posted!


2 thoughts on “A Letter to the Editor of the Mail on Sunday

  1. Wow! So now it’s “f*** off” about the truth?

    One would like to laugh, but the frenzied effort to hide reality is not funny, not funny at all.

  2. Hi Susan,

    We have now well and truly “Effed Off” to the UK’s “Independent” Press Standards Organisation. I take some solace from the fact that Mr. Rose’s online remarks will have pride of place in the dossier we are currently in the midst of preparing.

    However it remains to be seen whether IPSO have more regard for the truth than David Rose and the Mail on Sunday. Our fingers and other appendages are currently all crossed!

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