Pine Island Glacier Calves Again

An image captured earlier this morning by the Sentinel 1A satellite’s synthetic aperture radar reveals that another huge chunk of the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica has broken loose:


P.S. Here’s an animation of the calving courtesy of Wipneus:


Via Stef Lhermitte on Twitter:


[Edit – September 24th]

The latest image from Sentinel 1A:


Click it for a much closer look.


[Edit – October 16th]

Another animation from Wipneus, showing the recently calved section of the Pine Island Glacier coming apart at the seams:



[Edit – December 11th]

Another revealing image from Wipneus via the Arctic Sea Ice Forum:


New cracks are opening on the Pine Island Ice Shelf.

8 thoughts on “Pine Island Glacier Calves Again

  1. The ready splintering of the PigBerg could be an indication of the fragility of the glacier stream adjacent to the grid break up area?

  2. Obviously as it fractures it will melt quicker….what is the projected direction of movement into the Arctic Ocean and how will it disturb the circular ocean current

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