Our Guardian’s Sleeping on the Job

Here’s a copy of an email I sent to James Randerson et.al. over at The Guardian shortly after my mail to The Mail earlier this week:


Shock news about Arctic sea ice!

Hello James,

Further to our telephone conversation just now, here is the latest “shock news” from the Arctic, hot off the presses down here at Ivory Towers:


Particularly in view of the recent inclement weather in this neck of the woods, I thought perhaps you might be interested in taking a closer look at the most recent evidence concerning this “hot topic”?

I hope you enjoy your meeting!

Best wishes,

Jim Hunt
AKA “Snow White”!


Hi Jim,

Thanks for drawing our attention to the blog. It is not a topic that we’re planning something on imminently, but it is something we are certainly keeping an eye on and will come back to in future.

Many thanks for your interest.

Best wishes,


Meanwhile over on Twitter:



We’ll keep you posted!

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