The Fail on Sunday Strikes Back!

Returning from the overheated Arctic to the socially distanced Great British Houses of Parliament, Sir Keir Starmer has been giving Boris Johnson a right pasting recently at Prime Minister’s Covid-19 questions. The Daily Telegraph assures us that:

Hence our relatively recent “usual suspect” Harry Cole, Deputy Political Editor of the Mail on Sunday, is at it once again this morning:

Shock News!!! Allegedly Sir Keir Starmer owns a green field with no planning permission. I strongly suggest that Harry takes a good long look at the Register of Members’ Financial Interests and compares Keir Starmer’s entry with those of the current cabinet. Here’s a brief extract from Boris Johnson’s multi-page entry by way of example:

From 25 January 2018, a 20% share of a residential property in Somerset: (i) and (ii). (Registered 17 January 2019; updated 06 February 2019) This is a late entry which was the subject of a Report, published on 8 April 2019, by the Select Committee on Standards.

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  1. Mr Harry Cole has been busy. His byline also appears in today’s Mail on Sunday above an article written by Boris Johnson:

    According to Boris:

    We have achieved a lot together so far. Let’s not throw it all away now. In return for the small freedoms we are now allowing ourselves, we must stay alert. We must do so in the knowledge that our self-discipline will, eventually, lead to the return of our much-missed normality.

    I know this will not be easy – the first baby steps never are. But I hope that, when we look back, the changes we have made this week will be seen as an important moment on the road to our nation’s recovery.

    Personally I reckon this week’s changes will be seen as the start of the second wave of Covid-19 in the UK.

    Boris’s mileage may vary!

    1. A very interesting article Shawn. Thanks for the heads up:

      Finally, on April 22, two Twin Otters—small, nimble airplanes that excel in difficult Arctic and alpine conditions—took off from Station Nord, a Danish military and scientific base in northeastern Greenland. They swooped from the sky onto the remains of the crumbling airstrip carved into the ice by the Polarstern, picked up the seven expedition members who most urgently needed to leave the ice, and were back in the air in an hour. The planes refueled in Greenland and then continued to Canada. Those researchers made it home, without jeopardizing the larger mission, but MOSAiC was still on very thin ice…

      While Shupe and the incoming team are quarantined, the 90 people currently on the Polarstern will pack up most of the central observatory, leaving in place some instruments that can run autonomously, along with most of the distributed network that sprawls for miles around the ship. The Polarstern will break away from its icy berth later in the month and head south, out of the ice, to Svalbard, which is far closer than was expected due to the Polarstern’s unexpectedly fast drift across the Arctic.

      The ships plan to rendezvous in a fjord there, where they can exchange crews and supplies while sheltered from the weather and waves, but without anyone setting foot on land.

      Then the Polarstern will speed back to the ice camp in hopes that they won’t miss one of the most critical seasons the scientist hoped to study—the beginning of the annual melt.

      1. Things are very unusual this year.

        Also Zack Labe on The Kara sea:

        [Displayed Zack’s Tweet in full – Mod]

  2. There have been some shocking articles by columnists in the Mail recently (even by their low standards). Questioning whether the lockdown was needed… calling it a leftist lie that UK has worst death rate in Europe… multiple articles attacking unions for sabotaging the return to work and multiple articles accusing teachers/unions of failing pupils by not returning to work.

    and an article listing all the sites that loony Piers Corbyn was holding rallies last weekend

    If this was wartime, we’d have to lock them up for giving comfort to the enemy!

  3. It seems Mr. Harry Cole is moving up in the world. According to the Press Gazette:

    Harry Cole will replace Sun political editor Tom Newton Dunn who is leaving the paper after 16 years to join Times Radio.

    Cole will replace Newton Dunn as Sun political editor later this summer, rejoining the paper from the Mail on Sunday where he has been deputy political editor since 2018.

    He was previously Westminster correspondent for the Sun after leaving political blogging site Guido Fawkes. He has also worked as contributing editor for The Spectator.

    Harry has worked for several of the usual suspects then, and remains within that fold!

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